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  • Every time I see Xerosic, he looks like some kind of rapist.

    I think it's the gloves.

    Like he precursors it with "Trust me; I'm a doctor".
    Chariblaze, so do I. Maintenance is usually supposed to be on Tuesdays, not Wednesdays...
    Chariblaze, well I tried three times, all of them failed, 1 time with boldore (modest) lv. 39, Twice with durants lv 39 (timid) and 40 (idk). I'm at where cheren is, in victory road. I triple checked my MAC, so it's right. Ill redo everything tomorrow just to make sure, cause I can't rn.
    Kalos Starter Decks! Yay! Good to know that they'll be some XY TCG stuff out around the release of the games.
    Chariblaze, not only does this strengthen my urge to replay Golden Sun, but it makes me want to have Smooth McGroove's children.

    Thanks for sharing. <3
    /Clearly/ I'm late to this party, but just wanted to say I'm a little sad to see that you're not green anymore.

    Seriously though, I'm always slow to realizing this staff changes and it almost drives me nuts. Why don't we have a thread for this like we used to? >.<
    Hmm, well they shouldn't be super sensitive. They're certainly easier to move around than PS3 controllers, at least in my opinion, but the slightest of movements shouldn't be messing up your menu selections or anything. 360 are known to have faulty controllers, but I'd get a first-hand opinion before I went and bought a new one.

    Also, it sucks to see you're not a mod anymore! You were one of the best, my friend.
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