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  • anabel1406, oh. I'm doing a text and if you can do a normal castform that looks evil for an image that would be great. I thought you where doing a card with someone else?
    anabel1406, okay, I've got the card done now! It will be normal/dark type (normal castform). Just a-waiting for the artwork now!
    anabel1406, Just wondering where you are at with the artwork. I should be ready to submit the text entry soon. Also wondering: are you doing a Rainy Castform or normal Castform?
    anabel1406, See these: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/?cardName=&cardText=Team+Aqua&evolvesFrom=&card-water=on&simpleSubmit=&format=unlimited&hitPointsMin=0&hitPointsMax=200&retreatCostMin=0&retreatCostMax=5&totalAttackCostMin=0&totalAttackCostMax=10&particularArtist=&sort=number&sort=number
    They are (mainly) dark/water types. I will either be doing normal/dark or dark completely.
    anabel1406, Haven't really started. Are you still interested in making a picture? If so, I'm doing a Team Aqua Castform Dark type.
    anabel1406' pid='2677572' dateline='1415235587 said:
    bbninjas' pid='2677540' dateline='1415222760 said:
    What do you want to pair up on?
    @ IA Is it possible for a someone entering text base (such as myself) to help another text base, but myself still being able to enter?

    You make the text I make the image

    Sure, I will send you a Pokemon soon, or how would you like to work it?
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