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  • I don't think we've had competitions. Not sure if many would be interested, but feel free to make a thread and see what happens.
    You are an interesting being. I like interesting. :3
    (Liking Root Beer is also a big plus to me.)
    I'm looking forward to the next time we chat.
    Haha, alright then. Incinermyn is really the poet guy (I prefer prose), but I'll try to check them out if you post some.
    I already notice it, but thanks for dropping me a line about it anyways. I add it to the list tomorrow since I try to wait for a few entries before updating the thread.
    I figured, since I'm absent from that forum quite a bit. XD
    But nice to see you in the Writing Corner. We're pretty desparate for activity.
    Glad to see you're still hanging around though. At this point, I normally would have shamelessly advertised a fanfic I was writing, but it's put on hold at the moment.
    Oh, hello. You're aren't that new around here, but I figured dropping in for light introductions. x3
    Well, if you haven't found it already, which you might already have, you just click either
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    It's under the current time and the date in the upper right hand corner. In the same blue bar that also has
    Welcome back...
    Well, I meant to say how I just like how your avatar fitted with your username so well. :) um..I think I ca find it somewhere. I'll give it to you in a sec
    Your first profile comment! Yay! Well, since no one else posted on here, I would like to say a very, very very very very very belated
    Welcome to Pokebeach!
    Btw, loving your avy
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