“Stellar Crown” English Pokemon TCG Set Releasing in September!

We can exclusively reveal September’s English set will be named Scarlet & Violet: Stellar Crown.

The set will release on September 13th as our SV7 set.

Our set will be based on Japan’s upcoming Stellar Miracle set, which will release in July. The set will introduce Stellar Tera Pokemon to the TCG, including Terapagos ex. Stellar Pokemon feature powerful attacks that cost multiple types of Energy.

Stellar Crown should also include the cards from the “Stellar Sylveon ex” and “Stellar Ceruledge ex” pre-constructed decks that are releasing in Japan on August 30th.

This means our November SV8 set should be based on Supercharged Breaker and Paradise Dragona, featuring Tera Pikachu ex and Dragon Pokemon, respectively.

We should see the product images for Stellar Crown next month. Stay tuned!