“Supercharged Breaker” Pokemon TCG Set Listed for October, “Paradise Dragona” in September!

We can confirm Paradise Dragona will release in Japan on September 13th! The date was just revealed through distributor listings. A booster box will cost 5,400 yen. We previously discovered the set’s name through trademark listings.

Update (4/25): The official sell sheet says the set will feature many Dragon-type Pokemon, including Alolan Exeggutor, Latios, and Latias.

We can also reveal a new Supercharged Breaker set will release in Japan on October 18th! The set will be accompanied by the release of a deck box and card sleeves featuring “Tera Type Stellar Pikachu.” This means Pikachu should be the mascot of the set. The set name also implies it will feature Lightning-type Pokemon. A booster box will cost 5,400 yen.

The set name hasn’t shown up in trademark listings yet, which is rare, but not unprecedented (Pokemon Card 151 was never revealed through trademark listings).

As we revealed earlier this month, we are getting a special English set in August.

Our set could either feature cards from Paradise Dragona, Stellar Miracle, or a mishmash of cut cards similar to Champion’s Path. We discussed these theories on last week’s episode of the PokeBeach podcast:

As usual all of this is preliminary information and subject to change.