“ex Starter Deck Generations” Releasing in November Featuring 18 New Pokemon ex!

Like last year, a new set of “ex Starter Decks” will be releasing in Japan for 2024!

This year they will be called ex Starter Decks: Generations. They will feature 18 new Pokemon ex across nine different decks.

Each deck will feature a Legendary Pokemon ex from each of the nine generations paired with a Pokemon ex from its generation. For Generation I, Pikachu will represent the Legendary Pokemon.

The decks will release on November 22nd for 850 yen each and will feature:

  • Pikachu ex & Snorlax ex
  • Lugia ex & Tyranitar ex
  • Kyogre ex & Blaziken ex
  • Dialga ex & Lucario ex
  • Reshiram ex & Amoongus ex
  • Xerneas ex & Noivern ex
  • Tapu Koko ex & Mimikyu ex
  • Zacian ex & Alcremie ex
  • Koraidon ex & Paldean Clodsire ex

An “ex Starter Deck: Generations Special Battle Set” will also release on the same date. It will cost 4,650 yen. It will come with the Gen I, II, XIII, and IX decks bundled together in one package. It will also include four promo cards.

The Pokemon ex from last year’s ex Starter Decks were dumped into our Obsidian Flames set. Since these decks are releasing in November, we probably won’t see them until an English 2025 set.

As usual all of this is preliminary information and subject to change.