“The Glory of Team Rocket” and “Terastal Festival” Set Names Trademarked for the Pokemon TCG!

Prepare for trouble!

Two new trademarks for Terastal Festival (テラスタルフェス) and The Glory of Team Rocket (ロケット団の栄光) have been filed by Pokemon Japan. They’re under the same terms as trademarks used for set names in the past.

Terastal Festival could be the name of Japan’s annual High Class Pack set based on the sets and trademarks that have been revealed so far. If so, it should release in December. This is speculation.

The Glory of Team Rocket is obviously referencing Team Rocket and could release early next year. Could we see the return of Dark Pokemon?

Dark Pokemon were first introduced in 2000’s Team Rocket set. They were reintroduced in 2002’s Neo Destiny and 2004’s EX Team Rocket Returns. We also received an English-exclusive Dark Sylveon V promo alongside 2021’s Celebrations.