Pokemon Center to Launch in Australia and New Zealand!

TPCi has announced that the Pokemon Center online store will be expanding to Australia and New Zealand! While no timeline has been provided, TPCi states there will be a soft launch “soon,” followed by a full release shortly thereafter.

The Pokemon Center website relaunched in the U.S. in August 2014, launched in Canada in November 2020, and launched in the U.K. in December 2021.

I wanna say finally but... this will be Australia based. Sure as shit won't see this in New Zealand. Good news though for Wand Company exclusive replica balls though (even though I have them all).
Finally i've been waiting the Pokemon Center to reach Australia... I hope they go through with this...
With how many wildly fluctuating VAT differences there are in the EU, I am not terribly surprised the EU didnt get a center yet ( no. UK does not count legaly due to brexit )

This being said though, I was pleasantly surprised they acknowledge that Australia exists! This will make the day of some of my pals!