Pokemon Center UK Has Launched!

UK fans rejoice! After much speculation, TPCi has launched a new Pokemon Center website for you! It joins the U.S. and Canadian websites.

The website is currently in a “soft launch” phase, so not all products are available yet. Like all of TPCi’s Pokemon Centers, it only ships products to its specific region.

TPCi also announced there are currently no plans to launch additional Pokemon Centers.

Pokémon Center is excited to launch our UK-specific site! We would like to share some answers to questions our fans and customers might have about the website and placing orders.

What products are available? Will there be more products added in the future?
The Pokémon Center UK site is launching with a limited stock of apparel, plush, TCG, and accessories. We plan to expand our range over 2022 and beyond.

Why can’t I see XYZ products?
We are starting with a limited range of products but will expand it going forward. Visit our website to check what new products are added.

What payment methods are available?
Pokémon Center UK site customers may use PayPal and major credit and debit cards, excluding American Express. For the full list of our payment methods please refer to our article, here.

Is there a gifting option for the products? Gift wrap?
Unfortunately, the Pokémon Center UK site does not support gifting or wrapping options.

Will there be a cost for shipping?
Yes, the shipping cost will be added to your order at checkout.

How can I track my order?
You should receive a tracking link in your shipping confirmation email and will also be able to access tracking when you check your order on the site.

How long does delivery take? When will I get my order?
We aim for delivery in 3-6 days after an order has been placed.

How can I return/refund a product?
Please refer to the Return Policy, here.

Can I use my Pokémon Center US or CA account to access this site?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the same US or CA account on the UK site. Although the Pokémon Center UK looks similar to the Pokémon Center US and CA sites, it is a different website. This means you could have one account on the US site, and one account on the UK site. Even if you use the same email address on both sites, they are technically different accounts.

Are there plans to launch Pokémon Center into additional markets?
At this time, there are no plans to launch Pokémon Center into additional markets.

I have other questions or feedback. What should I do?
If you have other questions or any feedback, please contact customer support, here.


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...why does it ship to UK only? Why can't they have a EU store? Why can't they just have a single storefront with worldwide shipping like every respectable company? This is some 2002-level crap.

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Any time there's questions like that, the reasons are usually something legal or logistical. For example, they might have to get all their toys tested in each region based on the laws of that region. Or something about shipping and distribution across multiple regions. Or registering a legal entity in each region is cheaper. If they could release a global store, they obviously would because it would make them more money.


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It is a question when it comes to toys, sure. But there are many clothing/homeware brands that just do worldwide shipping from a single location - including BlackMilk, a brand Pokemon recently collabed with. They could just have different sections with different shipping.
Besides that, I'd expect a company as large and old as Pokemon to figure out how to sell stuff.


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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Getting a Pokémon plush should be a lot cheaper, easier and faster now! Also playmats with nice designs will be there eventually hopefully! :D oh and also the Pokémon centre elite trainer boxes will be available.


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I have been looking on with envy for years and years at Japan/US collectors getting all the good Pokemon stuff whilst the UK got nout. This makes me so very happy, I still cant quite believe it. Yeah it sucks if you are in the EU but I would expect in 2022 some EU countries will also start getting their own stores, its too bigger market to ignore. My wife now has a long list of plushies to get me for Xmas:)


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I'm really happy for those people.
Let's see if they release another promo card soon like they did when the Canada store came out.

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This has been something I’ve been waiting for for years. So many things I’ve wanted from there, it’ll be great to finally be able to actually get them.


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I am thrilled with the fact that there's a Center in the UK, but you have to understand there are probably so many factors for the reason they're not opening anywhere else right now. It could also be that shipping right now is extremely expensive.

I would like to point out also that licensing for Pokemon can be ridiculously expensive.
The company I work for right now prints playmats for Pokemon - except it cannot SELL the playmats, they are only for prizing for events, because of the way the licensing works. Right now Ultra-Pro has exclusive rights to selling.

Fun tangent: I received a few playmats that got printed half an hour from where I live. They got shipped to BELGIUM, to Tournament Center, and then got shipped back. They've been around the world farther than I have.