“Twilight Masquerade” International Card Images Revealed!

TPCi’s foreign branches have sent out Twilight Masquerade card images to various international outlets, including GGRecon, Gaia Storm TCG, and TodoTCG. Most of the cards are in other languages, but still reveal information about the set list.

We expect there to be 226 total cards in the set. Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex is the last Pokemon Special Illustration Rare at #216, so following it there should be four SIR Supporters and six Hyper Rares.

As posted before, Twilight Masquerade will be a combination of Japan’s Crimson Haze and Mask of Change sets.

All in all, another great set for H block. There are some interesting build-around cards that nonetheless stay balanced and respect the pace of the normal game. The Trainers stay equally muted, with some exciting options, but nothing that speeds up the game unnecessarily.
Bring back Energy Evolution you cowards
Also Fairy Types, come on, two psychic type in the same trio, bad.

gotta say I'm glad they didn't decide to just have "Ogerpon" without a mask in its name so we could get non-ex versions of the cool masks