Pokemon League Giveaways for Pokemon Day 2024 Revealed, Includes Cancelled Promos!

We previously reported that select Pokemon Leagues would be hosting a “Pokemon Day 2024” event on Tuesday, February 27th. We now have photos of the merchandise TPCi has sent to those Leagues to give out to fans.

The kit includes Pokemon League stamped promos that were supposed to release at hobby stores during the pandemic. They’re from Rebel ClashDarkness Ablaze, and Evolving Skies. They did release in some foreign countries at the time, as we reported back then, but their release was ultimately cancelled in the United States.

Each promo comes in packs of 40 or 50. Their quantity differs because TPCi printed the cards back then and stored them until now, rather than printing new batches for this giveaway.

The kit includes 25 sets of brand new dice. These are exclusive to Pokemon Day 2024.

In terms of sealed product, each League will receive three Pokemon Center Pikachu Moods figures, a Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box, and three Pokemon GO tins. The individual items may vary.

There are also sticker sheets and Pokemon GO code cards for Pokemon TCG Live. It’s currently unknown what the codes can be redeemed for in the program.

The kit also includes two of the “Intro” half decks that first debuted in 2022 at Play! Pokemon events to teach new players how to play the game. They feature non-holo versions of Greninja V, Umbreon V, or Lucario V.

Thanks goes to Manta Trading for taking these photos for us!