Five “Thank You” Promos Revealed!

Update: Four other “Thank You” promos have also been revealed! It seems stores in Latin America will get between one and five varieties of the promo packs to give out. Thanks goes to SangSang Technologies from Mexico for the image!

Galarian Mr. Rime from Darkness Ablaze will be the next “Thank You” promo! Latin America store owners are beginning to receive their prerelease kits for Vivid Voltage, which includes a pack of 50 Mr. Rime promos. The promo is supposed to be given out in association with Pokemon Leagues. It is printed on reverse holo paper with a Play! Pokemon and “Gracias” stamp.

Last month, TPCi shipped out 100 Hydreigon “Thank You” promos to every U.S. and Canadian store that ordered a quarterly marketing kit. Unlike Mr. Rime, the Hydreigon did not have a Play! Pokemon stamp and was meant to be given out to those who purchased PTCG products. Latin America did not get the Hydreigon promo, so we’re not sure if this promo will be exclusive to Latin America in place of Hydreigon. It’s unlikely we’ll get Mr. Rime in our upcoming Vivid Voltage marketing kits since it’s from Darkness Ablaze.

Thanks goes to PokeBeach reader “Yoan” for the photo!