‘Jirachi-GX Premium Collection’ Featuring Full Art Jirachi-GX Revealed!

A new “Jirachi-GX Premium Collection” will release on November 4th! It seems it will be available exclusively at Walmart stores.

The collection contains a full art promo version of Jirachi-GX from Unified Minds, promo versions of Decidueye and Lucario previously available in the Crimson Invasion three-pack blisters, two coins of Shaymin and Lucario, a code card for PTCGO, and ten booster packs:

  • 1 XY: Steam Siege
  • 1 XY: Fates Collide
  • 1 XY: BREAKpoint
  • 1 XY: Evolutions
  • 3 Sun & Moon
  • 3 Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion

The product is currently listed for $49.99 on Walmart’s website — but it will be sold for $20 on Saturday, November 7th. This is as part of a special Black Friday promotion called “Black Friday Deals for Days” which spreads Walmart’s usual Black Friday deals out over several weeks. The deal will begin online at midnight and at 5 AM in-store.

Jirachi-GX was revealed in PTCGO a few weeks ago, but we have not seen this product listed through any distributors. In cases like this, it’s because TPCi has created the product for a specific retailer.