TPCi Distributing Special Half Decks with Exclusive Non-Holo Pokemon V!

Three new “intro decks” featuring Greninja V, Umbreon V, and Lucario V are now being given to new players at select events! Each deck contains 30 cards.

The decks feature exclusive non-holo versions of their Pokemon V. This is the first time the English Pokemon TCG has printed non-holo versions of V cards.

TPCi has given organizers these decks so they can run tutorials to teach new players how to play the Pokemon TCG. So far, the decks have only been given out at GoFest Seattle, GenCon, and local game stores in certain cities.

Depending on the event, a player can sign up for a “How to Play” tutorial. A qualified Professor sits down with the player, opens the deck, and guides them through a tutorial to teach them the game’s mechanics. Then the player gets to keep the deck. The process varies by event.

Apparently TPCi may be testing these decks to see if they can be rolled out to retailers. According to those running the tutorials, the decks have been “incredibly popular” and “wonderful tools to get players learning how to play.”