“Temporal Forces” Ultra PRO Portfolios Revealed!

The Temporal Forces Ultra PRO portfolios have now been revealed! They will release on March 22nd alongside the set.

The 4-pocket portfolio will feature Raging Bolt and Iron Crown. It will contain 10 pages for regular-sized cards and two pages for jumbo-sized cards. It will retail for $7.99.

The 9-pocket portfolio will feature Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. It will retail for $11.99. It will include 14 pages for regular-sized cards, but does not include any pages for jumbo cards.

You can see all the Temporal Forces products here.


Aspiring Trainer
It should have been iron leaves and iron crown on one, and walking wake and raging bolt on the other
My guess is they wanted to have them in the duos they were revealed in, plus iron crown and raging bolt are the ones in the trios to represent the secondary types they all share. But the yeah with the ancient and future theme would've been cool to see em grouped like that