Roaring Moon ex Finally Enters the Tier 1 Club

Hello to all PokeBeach readers! This is Gabriel Semedo with another article, and this time I’m going to talk about the rise of Roaring Moon ex in the metagame, which has become one of the most successful decks in the Portland and Charlotte Regional Championships.

Roaring Moon ex initially emerged as a very promising card for the Standard format, but at the Latin America International Championships, the deck didn’t perform as well as expected. Now, two months later, Roaring Moon is making a comeback in the metagame with a simpler and more aggressive list, emphasizing consistency and early-game pressure. According to the recent results, Roaring Moon was the sixth most successful deck at the Portland Regional Championships and the third most successful at Charlotte. This illustrates that Roaring Moon is currently thriving in the metagame, especially since the top decks in the format — Mew VMAX, Charizard ex, and Giratina VSTAR — are favorable matchups for Roaring Moon.

Despite being a solid meta call, Roaring Moon ex still faces several challenges against the rest of the metagame to truly stand out. Moreover, striking the right balance between consistency, aggressiveness, and a variety of resources in the decklist is a significant challenge. If you opt to include too many techs to win matchups that the deck naturally struggles against, such as Lost Box and Gardevoir ex, you compromise consistency and reduce the likelihood of having excellent first and second turns.

In today’s article, I will share my perspective on the Roaring Moon ex deck and present the current decklist that I am using. However, this time, I will delve a bit more into Roaring Moon matchups, as I believe that its positioning in the metagame has been the primary contributor to the deck’s success.

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