“Night Wanderer” Set Releasing in June, Features The Loyal Three!

We’ve now learned Night Wanderer will release in Japan on June 7th!

The set will feature The Loyal Three: Okidogi ex, Munkidori ex, and Fezandipiti ex. In the video games they are Poison/Fighting, Poison/Psychic, and Poison/Fairy.

There are multiple ways to translate this into the TCG, such as by making Okidogi ex a Fighting-type, Munkidori ex a Psychic-type, and Fezandipiti ex a Darkness-type.

In the games the three Pokemon travel to Kitakami, sneak into Ogerpon’s den, steal three of her masks, and kill her human friend in the process. This happens at night, so the set’s name could be referencing this. Ogerpon tracks down the three Pokemon to the local village and kills them, but the villagers mistakenly believe the Pokemon were defending them from the fearsome Ogerpon. The villagers laid the three Pokemon to rest and unfairly named them “The Loyal Three.”

The set will also feature other new Pokemon introduced in The Teal Mask. Sinistcha’s Pokedex entry describes it as a Pokemon that “wanders in search of prey after sunset,” so the set name could also be referencing it.

The release schedule for Japan is now as follows:

  • March 8th: Four “Battle Academy” decks featuring Meowscarada ex, Pikachu ex, Lucario ex, or Greninja ex.
  • March 22nd: Crimson Haze featuring new Pokemon from The Teal Mask, presumably Bloodmoon Ursaluna.
  • April 26th: Mask of Change featuring Ogerpon ex.
  • May 17th: A “Special Jumbo Card Set Ogerpon” featuring an Ogerpon promo card, a jumbo version, and an “Ogre Mask” promo card.
  • May 17th: Two “Battle Master Decks” featuring Chien-Pao ex or Tera Charizard ex.
  • June 7th: Night Wanderer featuring Okidogi ex, Munkidori ex, and Fezandipiti ex.
  • July (?): Stellar Miracle, likely featuring Terapagos ex and new Pokemon from The Indigo Disk.

Currently Pecharunt is the only new Pokemon that may be unaccounted for. But it could still debut in one of these sets.

As usual, all of this is preliminary information and subject to change.