Most Expensive Pokemon Cards of 2023!

Our friends at TCGplayer have published a list of the most expensive cards of 2023!

This is according to transactions on their marketplace, so it is does not account for listings from other online sources such as eBay. However, it still gives us a decent indication of what was popular last year!

It’s no surprise “Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat” topped the list. The card was famously scalped to death at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, forcing the museum to implement limitations before ultimately being cancelled due to scalpers. Then the promo was only available for about three hours on

Radiant Charizard’s stamped print can only be pulled out of booster packs of Play! Pokemon Prize Pack Series Three. These are available exclusively at Pokemon Leagues, making them harder to obtain than a general set release.

Umbreon was given out at EB Games stores in Canada and Australia to promote Obsidian Flames, while Squirtle was given out with 151 purchases on Both prints were in limited supply.

Iono famously caused shortages of Clay Burst in Japan, so it’s no surprise her card was also popular overseas. Not only is the card powerful, but it features a popular “waifu” character.