“Play! Pokemon Prize Pack Series Three” Features Galaxy Holos, Including Energy!

Series Three of the “Play! Pokemon Prize Packs” will feature the original galaxy holofoil paper from the Wizards of the Coast era! This includes basic holo Energy, as you can see below.

It was previously revealed 151 will also feature galaxy holofoil. It seems TPCi is truly bringing the paper back from the dead!

Update: We’ve learned these Series Three packs can be earned at participating Pokemon Leagues from August 11th to August 13th, the weekend of Worlds, during a “WCS Tournament.” This will be a tournament event to celebrate Worlds for players who aren’t able to attend. Packs will be limited, but we assume more will release in the future as prize support.

Update: This set’s Pokemon V will still be printed on their usual holofoil paper, as you can see below. I’ve always theorized Pokemon stopped using galaxy holofoil paper because it makes it difficult to see the backgrounds on these types of cards. The fact TPCi went out of their way to print different holofoils for this set shows they put a lot of love into it, as it requires more work for the factory’s print line.

In Series Three packs you’ll find a mixture of cards with gray and yellow borders — and holo cards with holo and non-holo borders. This is because Series Three features cards from Brilliant Stars through Scarlet & Violet. Series One featured Sword & Shield to Evolving Skies, and Series Two featured Battle Styles to Brilliant Stars.

Play! Pokemon packs are only given away at Pokemon Leagues. As usual, each Prize Pack contains seven cards: 2x holos, 1x rare, 2x cards that can be rares and/or uncommons, 1x basic Energy card, and 1x code card. All of the cards feature the Play! Pokemon stamp.

The packs can feature holo versions of cards that were originally non-holo, or non-holo versions of cards that were originally holo. Each set features around 200 reprinted cards from the Standard format. TPCi selects cards that are either tournament mainstays or popular Pokemon.

Thanks goes to @Lilmiwip, NeoApollo, and @TcgFlo for sending us these photos!