“Scarlet & Violet – 151” To Feature Galaxy Holofoil Energy!

Pokemon has just revealed Scarlet & Violet – 151 will feature holo Basic Energy!

Most excitingly, they’ll be printed on the original galaxy holofoil paper used in the Wizards of the Coast era! This same holofoil was recently used by Magic the Gathering for their “Energy” cards. It looks like TPCi decided to reclaim it!

We don’t currently know how these Energy will be distributed in 151 booster packs. They could take the holo slot, a reverse holo slot, the Basic Energy slot, one out of every few Basic Energy slots, or something else. We’ll find out soon!

These will be the first galaxy holo Energy to use gray borders in English.

Products from 151 will begin to release on September 22nd.


Aspiring Trainer
Only to energy? Only because W*zards are using it?
I don't think it's because Wizards were using it exactly. If I had to guess what happened was that Wizards decided to order some from whoever makes the holofoil, and that meant the holofoil company was carrying it in stock again and knowing a good thing Pokemon Company jumped on it.


Aspiring Trainer
My favorite holo pattern but it's still just a energy so meh....
What they need to bring back is stamped reverse holo cards. Being able to get common cards with a holo background was the best thing ever. Everything else has been crap since they stopped doing that.