“Shiny Treasure ex” Box Pull Rates Revealed, Different Borders for Shiny Pokemon in Japanese

This weekend, the official Japanese PTCG YouTube posted a box opening video for Shiny Treasure ex.

Their box yielded one Art Rare (AR), two baby Shiny Pokemon (S), and one Shiny Super Rare (SSR). In previous “High Class Pack” sets, there was one guaranteed SSR and three S per box. This means an Art Rare takes the slot of one of the baby Shinies. It’s currently unclear if every booster box comes with an AR.

As none were pulled, an SAR (Special Illustration Rare), SR (full art card), and UR (gold card) are not guaranteed in a box.

Each booster box comes with 10 booster packs containing 10 cards each. As posted before, each pack comes with a guaranteed Pokemon ex. In their box, there were nine Pokemon ex (including one Tera) and one SSR Pokemon ex.

Unlike our Paldean Fates set, the baby Shiny Pokemon in Japanese do not have a holo border.