“Paldean Fates” New Hyper Rare Cards, What Will They Look Like?

You may have missed it among all the news, but last week it was announced Paldean Fates would feature six hyper rare cards with a “new and unique raised foil effect.” What could this new foil effect entail?

The next set of the One Piece card game, called Awakening of a New Era, features six special cards that are embossed with what could be described as a “raised foil effect.” Trading Card Games often use each other’s production techniques, so could we see a similar effect in the Pokemon TCG? Or will we get something completely different? Coincidentally the One Piece set releases on December 8th, one week after Japan’s Shiny Treasure ex. (Though other TCGs have probably used a similar effect before; One Piece is just the most recent example.)

Here are a few more examples of the upcoming One Piece cards:

Pokemon fans sometimes criticize gold cards for being lazy copies of full art cards. By introducing a new foil effect, Pokemon is clearly trying to make hyper rare cards more distinguishable for collectors.

What are your predictions for our new foil effect?