Shiny Mew ex, Shiny Gardevoir ex, and Several Baby Shinies from “Shiny Treasure ex!”

Over 20 Shiny Pokemon were just revealed from Shiny Treasure ex! All of them are alternate art reprints. The set releases in Japan on December 1st, with most new cards expected to become part of our Paldean Fates set on January 26th.

BOOYAH. Shiny Broski ex is officially a thing now! (And if you get that reference, GOD you're old and I wanna give you a high five)

Between Shiny Charizard ex and Mew ex for collectors, and Shiny Bros- I MEAN Gardevoir ex for the players, the Fates series continues to pack a wallop!
We always pick that ONE baby Shiny to go through the roof in the market. In Shining Fates, it was Suicune, and for Paldean Fates, it will be Pikachu and Ditto (and possibly Raichu as a collateral choice)
When was the last shiny Pikachu card? Gold Star?
Yeah, I'm actually shocked that it took Pikachu this long to appear in the Fates series. I thought for sure that Pikachu V would've made the cut in Shining Fates since it DID come out after Vivid Voltage, but sheesh, only now does the flagship mouse boi show up! XD
Hopefully since there’s a shiny iron treads and great tusk ex there’ll be shiny iron valiant and roaring moon
I was hoping they'd do the droopy form of Tatsugiri (pink), since it has such a great shiny. Or maybe all 3 forms on one card.
I hope they start revealing new cards soon. I want a pichu and munchlax. Maybe give pichu a broken brigette effect (3 basic non-rulebox or 1 basic Ex) for 0 energy similar attack to the old pichu without the downside. Munchlax could be resource management oranguru, but nerfed with 30 hp.
Gardevior!, Gardevior!, Gardevior! *Chanting Increases*

Loving that Gardevior and I like that iron treads a lot more then I thought I would

I’d say I love that baby shiny ditto but I never manage to pull any baby shinies from these sets so no ditto for me. Maybe next era.
I hope Tatsugiri gets either a unique printing for each of its 3 shiny forms (unlikely) or an alt art featuring all 3
Assuming the Great Tusks/Iron Treads will end up being the other tin promos in English. Really hoping we see the other paradoxes get their shinies here.
the great tusk and iron treads ex full arts here are way better than the ones in the base set

i like that theyre finally building back towards full art ex's where the pokemon are in action and not just standing there
It might just be the photos, but does it look like the baby shines have texture? I'm guessing they wont, but it kinda looks like it