Iron Valiant ex and Dragapult Giveaways Now Live for Latin America International Championships!

The Latin America International Championships (LAIC) are happening this weekend in São Paulo, Brazil! This is the first major tournament where Paradox Rift will be legal.

To celebrate the event, you can use code ParadoxLAIC to redeem the Special Illustration Rare print of Iron Valiant ex in Pokémon Trading Card Game Live. The code expires on November 27th at 6:00 UTC; there’s a limit of just 100,00 copies.

On the video game side of the franchise, you can get a Level 50 Dragapult using code LA1CPHANT0M4CE.

The Dragapult is holding a Choice Band, has a Jolly Nature, the Ghost Tera type, and has the attacks Tera Blast, Dragon Darts, Phantom Force, and U-Turn.

It’s based on the Dragapult that Alex Gómez Berna used to win the North America International Championships earlier this year.

The code expires on November 20th.

You can watch LAIC on Pokémon’s official Twitch channels at the links below: