Shiny Scyther, Scizor from Shiny Treasure ex!

Shiny prints of Scyther and Scizor have been revealed from the Japanese set S4a Shiny Treasure ex, which releases in Japan on December 1st! Most new cards from this set are expected to become part of our own unnamed international Scarlet & Violet 4.5 set when it releases on January 26th.

The original prints of these cards released in Obsidian Flames.

Speaking as I was so bad that Scizor was the only shiny I caught in scarlet and violet, I love this card.
Not in this set unfortunately. The Japanese Scizor is 129 and Varoom is 130, so no room for Scizor ex, since it would've been after regular Scizor
What a shame, maybe there will be a set called “Special Scizor Set”
I'd be keen to see Shinies of the new Xatu, Gardevoir ex, Chien-Pao ex, ANY competitive staples as opposed to random Pokemon that already got Shinies
I would definitely buy gardevoir ex shiny, if that isn’t in this set I’m going to be very angry.
Lucario/Riolu and Scizor/Scyther already got shiny cards in the other shiny sets, would be nice to get some other Pokémon that haven’t gotten shinies
that's fair, but this scizor card is one of the best single-prize attackers in the format right now, so it'll be cool seeing this shiny variant pop up in competitive decks like gholdengo ex
Oh what perfect timing, I was just about to bid on a shiny scyther gx for the pokedex folder, saved my bacon there!