Booster Bundles to Release with Shiny January Set, All Products Known So Far!

We can reveal our special January shiny set will feature booster bundles, like 151. Each bundle will come with six booster packs. They will release on February 23rd.

Our English set is currently unnamed and no official information has been released. It will be based on Japan’s Shiny Treasure ex, which comes out in December.

This means our January set will have staggered releases: on January 26th, February 9th, and February 23rd. Different products will release every two weeks.

We previously revealed January 26th will see the release of an Elite Trainer Box and “Tech Sticker Collections.” The collections will come with three booster packs, a promo card, and a sticker. The Elite Trainer Box will have the typical configuration of a special set.

February 9th will see the release of three “Premium Collections.” Each will contain 8 booster packs, a Pokemon ex promo card, a jumbo version, two other promo cards, a 3-card One-Touch protector, and a Pokemon TCG Live code card. Each collection will feature one of three Pokemon ex.

The “3-card One-Touch protector” will undoubtedly be a Pokemon branded version of UltraPRO’s product by the same name. It’s a card frame that can hold three cards. It typically retails for $10.99.

Three tins will also release on February 9th containing a Pokemon ex promo card, five booster packs, and a code card. Europe will see the same tins, but with one less booster pack and a different tin shape.

Japan’s Shiny Treasure ex will include 190 cards in its main set, over 150 secret rares, and a handful of brand new cards. Most of the cards in the set will be reprints from the last year.