Oddish Card from “Path to the Peak” to Release as Promo Card!

Pokemon.com has announced the Oddish card seen in Path to the Peak will release as a promo card! No details have been announced yet, but Pokemon.com says players should “stay tuned.”

The card is illustrated by Miranda Branley, a graphic designer at TPCi. This will be the first card in decades to be illustrated by an American (outside of illustrator contests).

The show also featured eight other new cards. It’s currently unclear if they’ll ever be printed.

Oddish is currently part of a marketing campaign called “Discover Pokémon Together: Oddish.” The promotion includes a special Research Day in Pokemon GO, an Oddish episode marathon later today on Twitch, and a new Oddish short.

Lechonk was the first Pokemon featured in this campaign back in March, which saw the release of a Lechonk promo card at GameStop. It seems this campaign will feature a new Pokemon every six months.