All “Path to the Peak” Episodes Released, Are Its Unreleased Cards Real?

TPCi has now released all four episodes of Path to the Peak, a charming series promoting the Pokemon TCG’s organized play program.

The series shows nine cards that have never been released. It’s currently unclear if they were designed exclusively for the show or if they’ll eventually be printed.

The show credits seven artists for the “Card Illustrations.” Two are established Pokemon TCG illustrators — 5ban Graphics and aky CG Works — while the other five are American artists that work in-house at TPCi. We see several known cards in the show that are drawn by other card artists. Since the artists for those cards aren’t credited, we can assume the individuals listed in the credits are responsible for the show’s new card illustrations.

It seems unlikely cards drawn by Americans would release in a future set. Rather, TPCi probably commissioned their in-house artists to create cards for the show that serve the plot. For example, in the last episode, Ava is in a pinch and plays a jungle stadium to vanquish Groudon’s fire.

There are five American artists credited and five “regular” cards in the show (Oddish, Vileplume, Groudon, Spoink, and a jungle Stadium). So we might assume the five American artists are responsible for those five cards.

The show’s Falinks ex, Mismagius ex, Darkrai ex, and Bellossom ex were probably drawn by 5ban Graphics and aky CG Works — which are known to draw those types of cards. If any cards have a chance of being printed one day, it seems it would be these three cards. However, TPCi could have just as easily commissioned those artists to draw cards for the show. This is especially the case when you consider 5ban Graphics is the in-house card art team at Creatures.

If TPCi intends for this show to be timeless, it would make sense to design a few show-exclusive cards that will always keep the show looking fresh. However, this is all speculation!

Fun fact: Mia Violet, the consulting producer of the series, used to be a card translator on PokeBeach!

Episode 1: The Club

Forced to move from her old town, Ava makes a fresh start and sets out on a new adventure with the school’s Pokémon TCG club.

Episode 2: Internationals

With a battle against Celestine looming, Ava rises to the challenge and enters to compete at the Regional Championships.

Episode 3: Regionals

After a major upset at Regionals, Ava continues her journey on the path of the Pokémon Championship Series at International Championships.

Episode 4: Worlds

Emotionally defeated, Ava fights to rediscover her drive to compete with the support of her family and friends.