New Pokemon Teased in “Pokemon Horizons” Debut

The first two episodes of Pokemon Horizons: The Series aired in Japan today. What appears to be a new Pokemon was briefly shown alongside the new protagonist, Liko. It appeared out of her pendant to protect her. The pendant was given to Liko by her grandma (similar to Castle in the Sky).

The Pokemon obviously resembles Terapagos from Scarlet and Violet‘s upcoming DLC, The Indigo Disk. It could be Terapagos itself, a new form, an inactive version, a younger version, or a pre-Evolution. We don’t know at this point.

Perhaps Liko’s pendant is one of the type crystals that’s on Terapagos’s shell? For example, a Grass crystal to tie in to Liko’s Sprigatito and Terastallized Pokemon. That’s my quick theory, anyway. Terapagos is obviously related to the Terastal phenomenon, which isn’t fully understood yet. The mystery will likely be explored in the DLC and the anime itself.

The Pokemon anime has always been a marketing tool for the video games, so this new Pokemon is obviously meant to drum-up interest in the upcoming DLC.

Isn't her pendant the crystal on the center of Terapagos's shell? Place the crystal on its back to have him change lol
You know if it is a different Pokemon and it basically works the same as Terapagos, I think that's pretty cool I just hope they don't needlessly kneecap it like they did Phione. Poor thing has a BST of 480 it sure didn't need to lose Manaphy's best moves
I'm gonna bet that pendant is like an evolution stone for this guy and causes it to evolve into Terapagos, and we'll have to get this pendant in the second DLC ourselves.
I’m extremely confident that this is the pre evolution of Terapagos. We’ve seen it before with Meltan/Melmetal and Kubfu/Urshifu, and I doubt it’s a phone type deal.
I don't know why one of the mods deleted my message, so I must reiterate with upmost urgency:
The official artwork for this little guy was put up this morning on the Scarlet/Violet website. Still no has no name