Full Arts Return to “Scarlet / Violet ex,” New Illustrator Rares Revealed!

As was implied by the English Scarlet & Violet set description, we will indeed see the return of full art cards in Generation 9. A full art version of Oinkolone ex was just revealed for Scarlet ex and Violet ex.

New “Illustrator Rares” of Wiglett and Sandile have also been revealed.

The official Pokemon TCG YouTube channel showed an example of what will come in a booster box:

The Japanese set will release in Japan on Friday and overseas on March 31st.


Aspiring Trainer
Well that’s pretty decent for a Japanese booster box, I remember when even FAs weren’t guaranteed in their boxes.

I’m kind of annoyed that they didn’t show off any of the gold Secret/Ultra Rare cards but I can understand why they wouldn’t show those off just yet.
Have you opened any vstar universe