All-Seeing Trainer
Sorry I don't like ugly cards. Why would I want to pull these?
BRUH, not only are modern FAs gorgeous, (especially compared to S&M FAs, now those I can understand!) but they are also the easiest to collect within a reasonable amount of openings and of course cheap, but not too cheap.

As long as product comes with enough rarities to provide value, FAs serve as the comfort food of pulls that we come to love and expect. And with those cursed Rainbow Rares gone that means more FAs, Golds, and Alternate Arts for everyone.

Any given AA or Gold has its own merits, and all of them mostly perform their function as prize cards well, but as a collector nothing is better than a binder complete with pages of an entire generation of sets back to back, all FAs displayed in tandem. Each FA a focused representation of each set's headliners, adorned with silver and contrasted with beautiful technicolor patterns. Combined together they form a cohesive whole, an entire TCG Generation laid out in beautiful harmony.

Collecting & playing wouldn't be anywhere near as fun without FAs


YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.
Wow I'm glad to see this! Hyper Rares were boring as hell. Full Arts I can do without if they're just 3D Models slapped onto the card though.

Illustrator Rares are so much better than Hyper Rares