New Coin Pokemon Leaks Through “Pokemon GO!”

The 3D model for a new coin Pokemon has appeared in the internal data for Pokemon GO. Its model has a Pokemon ID of 1080, but this isn’t its Pokedex number (although we are expecting Scarlet & Violet to push the Pokedex to over 1,000 Pokemon). The model was discovered by @poke_miners.

The new Pokemon first appeared in a recent trailer for Scarlet & Violet. Many fans noticed a Pokemon with antennae in the background of one shot. It was only partially revealed (circled in red below).

Presumably this new Pokemon will be part of a Scarlet & Violet promotion in Pokemon GO. The games will release on November 18th.

This is the second time a Pokemon has leaked through Pokemon GO. The first was Meltan in September 2018. It was then officially revealed a few days later.

"What could this mysterious new creature be?"

We will find out on November 18th; we are not on a rush to know about it. I am guessing it's a steel type pokemon. Zzzzzz
if they put it in the game there's a good chance we'll learn about it next week. They wouldn't have put it in if they weren't gonna do something with it relatively soon. Meltan got revealed very quickly after it was datamined.
guessing bug type and cause it has a coin on its back maybe bug steel, it's also kind of cute!
There have been some rumors about a faerie/metal pokemon and I suppose this is it?