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  • The New Komala from Lost Origin uses its Incredible 'Áll Just A Dream' ability to block your opponent from collecting a prize whenever they knock out your Komala while it is asleep. 🐨🍄

    Take a Power Nap in game & negate your opponent's strength/ speed with this Snoozing New Combo! 😪💤

    Harmonize with the Harbinger of Death & cast calamitous Aqua Blight upon your enemies with our Royal Salientia & the Shadow Keeper! 🎵👥

    Clean out your opponent's battlefield with this Tidal New Combo! 🧽🌊

    Zap your opponent into a Crunchy Toast with the Plasma Wraith & our Dancing Cactus! 📺🌵

    Feel the power of Lightning & Thorns with this Electro-Dynamic New Combo! 💡🌺

    Burn your opponent's entire team to the ground with our Furry Enchantress & Satan's Pet Dragon! 🧙‍♀️🐲

    Have a taste of True Fire Power with this Roasting New Combo! 🔥😈

    Slaughter the Tankiest VSTAR or VMAX in one hit with the Crystalline Vault Breaker & Battle Factory's Frontline Manager! 💎👨‍🏭

    Slice through your opponent's flesh & bones with this Titanium New Combo! 🤺🥩

    Swallow your opponent in Tidal Distress with our Expert Diver & the Butterfly Guppy! 🤿🐟

    Drown them in the midst of the Caribbean Sea with this Aquatic New Combo! ⛲💧

    Boil your opponent's blood to a million degrees with the Mighty Red Dragon & our Elusive Furry Bandit! 🀄🦊

    Loot an extra turn just before the game ends with this Slick New Combo! 💰😏

    Cut right through the Toughest Shell with the Heavy-duty Hex Nut & our Ancient Timekeeper! 🔧⏱️

    Give your opponent a real taste of Pure Cast Iron with this Gilded New Combo! 🔨🦾

    Ensnare your opponent in Knots of Vines with our Forest Fiend & Newton's Delicious Newt! 🪀🍎

    Get yourself some Healthy Wins with this Organic New Combo! 🥗🍇

    Slice your opponent's pokemons in half with our Death Cutter & the Flightless Sprinter! 🗡️🏃‍♂️

    Sever your opponent's lifeline with this Dicey New Combo! 🧵✂️

    Cover your opponent in Sticky Nectar with the Pollen Regime & our Crystal Canine! 🐝🐾

    Get your opponent drunk in Caramel Mead with this Sickening New Combo! 🍯🥴

    Toss your opponent into Complete Bewilderment with the Shaolin Swiveller & our Cheesy Chub! 🥊🍯

    Give your opponent's pokemon a One-Way Trip down the Rabbit Hole with this Infuriating New Combo! 😵😤

    Streaming Live in 35 minutes with a Brand New Deck featuring the Oracle Doe from Astral Radiance & our Resounding Pteropus!

    Freeze your opponent from attacking & wall your way to the Finish Line with our Glacial Greyhound & the Shapeshifting Silhouette! 🛡️👤

    Keep your opponent stuck throughout the entire match with this Frigid New Combo! ✋🛑

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