“Crown Zenith” Special Set to Release in January!

We’ve now learned our special SWSH set will be named Crown Zenith!

As posted before, it will release in America and Europe on January 20th.

Crown Zenith will include cards from Japan’s VSTAR Universe, which releases in December. New “art rare” and “special art rare” cards were just revealed from that set last night. Our set will also contain cards that were cut from recent English sets as well as promo cards that haven’t released here yet.

Like all special sets, Crown Zenith will see the release of a special Elite Trainer Box containing 10 booster packs and a promo card. The Elite Trainer Box’s design will feature Lucario, so presumably it’ll be featured as the included promo card.

The set will also see the release of a V Box. This is only the first batch of products we know about; there will surely be more.

Pokemon first revealed the existence of the set in July.

“Zenith” is an astronomy term for the point in the sky directly above the observer. It also means the time at which something is at its peak. The name thus references the peak of the SWSH era and also references the Japanese set name, VSTAR Universe.


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That is the most badass name since Fates Collide
If this is a thread about set names, I reckon very few things WOTC and/or PUSA/TPCI has ever come up with comes close to some of the bangers PCL comes up with for the Japanese set names. 闇からの挑戦, さいはての攻防, ジージーエンド, and オルタージェネシス all come to mind as some of the coolest set names ever and all I can come up with when actively looking at a list of English sets and scouring for candidates for the top 10 would be Neo Genesis and Cosmic Eclipse.

As funny as PMJ's reduction to "Top Top" is, I do agree that Crown Zenith is is a sick set name that I would probably rank in the same class as Neo Genesis and Cosmic Eclipse, even in the long run.


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Most likely the promo will be the Rainbow Rare Lucario VSTAR that Japan is getting through those tournaments. unless there is a SAR of Lucario V/VSTAR in VSTAR Universe.


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Plz tell me when we get a playmat for this bc I will spend whatever amount of money for me to get one