“VSTAR Universe” Set Officially Revealed, Features New Art Rares!

The last Japanese set of the Sword & Shield era has officially been revealed: VSTAR Universe! Pokemon unveiled the set through a YouTube livestream.

As posted before, the set will release in Japan on December 2nd. It is a reprint set featuring new alternate art cards — some of which we’ve already received in our promo boxes, like the Charizard cards from our Ultra Premium Collection.

The set will feature 172 cards before secret rares. Since it’s a special “High Class Pack” set, each booster pack will contain 10 cards instead of the usual five for Japan.

The set will introduce two new card rarities called “Art Rare” (AR) and “Special Art Rare” (SAR). These cards feature new, full art illustrations. So far, all of the revealed cards are reprints of existing cards.

We first discovered VSTAR Universe’s trademark back in April and then the first cards were revealed in August. We then started to see English products that featured alternate art reprints not yet seen in Japan, which we assumed would come from this set (like the aforementioned Charizard cards).

Cards from the set will become part of our special SWSH set in January, along with cut cards from the past few English sets.

If history holds true, we should then move on to our first Scarlet & Violet set in February.