“Pokemon TCG Holiday Calendar” Promos and Contents Revealed!

We now have more product images of the “Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar.” As we revealed back in June, the product will release in the United States and Europe on September 1st.

Eight promo cards will be included in the calendar: only Pikachu is new. It’s SWSH153. It was originally a promo that released alongside Japan’s Shocking Volt Tackle back in September 2020. The rest of the cards are reprints. All of them are stamped with a snowflake, as expected.

The box’s two coins feature Delibird and Eiscue:

In total, the calendar will come with:

  • 8 foil promo cards with a festive stamp, including 2 Pokemon V and 1 Pokemon VMAX
  • 2 Pokemon coins
  • 2 colorful sticker sheets
  • 1 sidekick dangler
  • 6 Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Series booster packs
  • 6 Pokemon TCG 3-card fun packs
  • A code card for the Pokemon TCG Live

“Fun Packs” are those sample packs that have released in magazines for certain sets over the years; they usually contain three common cards, one of which is a reverse holo. The sidekick danglers have also released in a few products. We don’t know which Pokemon will be featured on the dangler yet.

This calendar is inspired by the “Pokemon TCG Countdown Calendar” released in October 2008. The cards in that product also featured a special snowflake stamp.

Definitely not buying this after seeing the promos. Much rather make my own by buying 24 booster packs from like 6 different sets (each being different booster pack artwork).
To be fair, this product is meant more for kids, and I think my little cousins would love opening up the cards!
To be fair, this product is meant more for kids, and I think my little cousins would love opening up the cards!
Yeah, I think people have been doing way too much complaining about this, when it was really just made for kids.
Not many ice pokemons to choose from, but honestly they could've added Crabominable V, Articuno, mamoswine or even Mr. Rime V. Not to mention Wyrdeer!! ?❄️
So cute, but that Pikachu is so random from the rest. Glad to see the promo but still they could've gone with another Pokemon
The Pikachu isn't unique, this was already released in Japan as 124/S-P. Obviously without the stamp.
So it was never released outside of Japan, and is therefore unique?

That said this looks pretty neat, and is about what I expected. Would have been cooler if the Calyrex had different art, but the stamp is enough.
I'm a big sowsow art collector and man that's one good sowsow art Pikachu, I saw the Japanese version of it and I was hopefully waiting for it to come out in English.