Pokemon TCG “Trick or Trade BOOster Packs” Revealed for Halloween!

TPCi has officially revealed new “Trick or Trade BOOster Packs” that will be sold at retailers, grocery stores, and the Pokemon Center starting September 1st.

Each 3-card booster pack will come with reprints of Halloween-themed Pokemon, including Zubat, Gengar, Mewtwo, Pumpkaboo, Mimikyu and Polteageist. The cards will feature a special Pikachu pumpkin stamp in the corner of the artwork. The mini packs will be sold in bundles of 40. No pricing information is available yet.

Update: The bundle will cost $14.99.

The intent is for fans to give these packs out at Halloween parties and in place of candy on Halloween night. This will serve as free advertisement for the Pokemon TCG and will surely bring new children into the fold.

Pokemon will also debut more Halloween merchandise and celebrations across the franchise this September, including a new website. The website will include Pokemon activities for families to incorporate into their Halloween festivities.

You can read the full press release from TPCi here:

Pokémon To Celebrate Halloween With Fan Activations and Merchandise Across the Franchise

Bestselling Pokémon Trading Card Game to Anchor Seasonal Program With New Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle as an Alternative for Trick-or-Treating ​​​​​​​

Bellevue, Wash. — July 26, 2022 — Today, The Pokémon Company International announced an upcoming Halloween campaign inviting Trainers to incorporate Pokémon in their spooky celebrations with themed activations and merchandise across the franchise. To kick off the program, The Pokémon Company International revealed the new Pokémon Trading Card Game: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle, providing parents and kids with a fun and innovative alternative to candy for trick-or-treating when it launches on Sept. 1, 2022, at participating grocery stores and mass retailers.“Like the Pokémon brand, Halloween is a holiday that brings families and friends together through fun activities. And with so many parents who grew up with the franchise, this inaugural Halloween campaign will give Trainers across generations another way to connect and bond over their love of Pokémon,” said Andy Hartpence, senior director of brand marketing at The Pokémon Company International. “In the years to come, Halloween will continue to be a celebratory moment for Pokémon, as we treat fans to festive ways to engage with the brand and highlight the much-loved spooky side of the popular and endearing franchise.”Each Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle includes 40 themed mini booster packs, each containing three cards that highlight a spooky Pokémon  such as Zubat, Gengar, Pumpkaboo, Mimikyu and Polteageist  and feature a Pikachu jack-o’-lantern stamp on every card. Families can enjoy passing out Trick or Trade BOOsters to neighbors and friends, while young Trainers trade cards in search of their favorite ghoulish Pokémon after a night of trick-or-treating.“The Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle combines two things that families love Pokémon trading cards and Halloween,” said Tim Moore, senior director of merchandise and retail marketing at The Pokémon Company International. “With the incredible popularity of the Pokémon TCG, this will be a uniquely welcomed candy-alternative in trick-or-treaters’ bags by both kids and parents. We look forward to working with grocery- and mass-retail partners to deliver this enjoyable product that lets kids discover the magic of the Pokémon TCG this Halloween season.

”Outside of the Pokémon TCG, The Pokémon Company International will debut more Halloween celebrations across the franchise, including a new interactive website launching in early September that will serve as the hub for seasonal entertainment and merchandise across the Pokémon brand as they are revealed in the coming months. This website will also include enchanting activities for families to incorporate Pokémon in their Halloween festivities.

Furthermore, Trainers can stay tuned to a new Halloween product collection, spanning home décor, plush, collectibles and more from Pokémon Center  the premier online destination for official, high-quality Pokémon merchandise in the USCanada, and UK  in the coming months.

In the meantime, Trainers can stay tuned to Pokemon.com for updates and join the conversation online using #PokemonHalloween.

Love all the small quirky sets to collect! Even if they are just reprints, I really enjoy seeing some love for Halloween here with pokemon finally. Though the real question is. Will I find these in the card/toy sections or the candy section! XD
Why is Mewtwo related to Halloween?Is because it's like the Frankenstein monster?(they're both created in a lab)
It's "spooky."

(Like yo momma.)
So are spiders but I doubt Spinarak or Ariados will be in the set. Houndour and Houndoom would make more sense too but also doubt we will see them either. It honestly would have been nice to see some exclusive art for this set like supporters that have trainers featured in the art work wearing Halloween costumes ?
This kind of promotion would have been the perfect opportunity to give us a bunch of the pikachu promos with them dressed as different Pokemon or in costumes but that would have made to much sense I guess ??‍♂️
<-- would be perfect for this set!!

Edit: just read the article; it IS in the set!!! How about a shiny one?

The card to the right of mewtwo seems to be this hatterene from Chilling Reign
And the card on the left is this Dusknoir from Brilliant Stars
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Also, as much as I'm happy as a huge Halloween nerd that they're finally doing something related to it outside of Japan, this was a HUGE missed opportunity to not create a new special set featuring shiny spooky Pokemon. I would splooge in my pants if they did a a shiny Trevenant Vmax ?
Also, as much as I'm happy as a huge Halloween nerd that they're finally doing something related to it outside of Japan, this was a HUGE missed opportunity to not create a new special set featuring shiny spooky Pokemon. I would splooge in my pants if they did a a shiny Trevenant Vmax ?
Im trying to view this as just a fun way to give out cards to trick or treaters, but I do agree that if I was a kid on halloween I would be very excited to have a chase card to hope for from each pack