New “Battle Box” TCG Product, Upcoming VSTAR Premium Collections, and More for the Fall!

October and November will see the release of several non-set products!

A new type of product called a “Battle Box” will release. This appears to be something different than the “Build & Battle Boxes” associated with prereleases and the larger “Build & Battle Stadiums.” The Battle Box will come with four booster packs, three promo cards, a jumbo card, an “upgrade sheet,” a VSTAR marker, and a code card. It might be a deck-building product. It will retail for around $34.99.

Two VSTAR Premium Collections will release in October. Like the Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection, each will come with a Pokemon V and VSTAR promo card, a jumbo version of the VSTAR card, a pin, a coin, a VSTAR marker, and a code card. The American versions will come with six booster packs while the European versions will come with five booster packs. Each collection will retail for $39.99.

November will see the release of a new V Box. Like the Infernape V Box, it will come with an additional promo card — it seems this is the new trend for V Boxes. The box will include four booster packs, a V promo card, a jumbo V card, the additional promo card, and a code card. It’ll retail for $19.99.

As usual we’ll also get Fall Tins. They’ll come with one of three V promo cards and a code card. Like the V Heroes Tins, the European version will come with four booster packs and the old tin design while the American version will come with five booster packs and the updated tin design. They will cost $24.99.

And as posted last week, we’re also getting a new Ultra-Premium Collection in October.

As usual, we don’t know what Pokemon each product will feature. The information above is also preliminary and subject to change.