“V Heroes Tins” Confirmed to Contain New Alternate Art Eeveelutions!

The “V Heroes Tins” will indeed contain new alternate art promos of Espeon V, Umbreon V, and Sylveon V!

The product images for the “V Heroes Tins” were first revealed in January. Oddly, they showed exact reprints of the Eeveelutions from Evolving Skies. It turns out these were just placeholder images. While it used to be common for TPCi to use placeholders in their product images, the practice stopped years ago.

Back in February, an update to PTCGO revealed the alternate art cards above, which we assumed would come in the tins instead of what the product images showed:

The “V Heroes Tins” are our spring tins. They will cost $24.99 and release on April 22nd. Each will come with five booster packs, one of the three promo cards, and a code card. The European versions feature the older, smaller tin design and come with four booster packs instead of five.

It’s likely these alternate arts come from Japan’s VSTAR Universe set, which should be their annual reprint set in the fall.