New Eeveelution Promos Revealed, Likely from “V Heroes Tins”

PTCGO has just pushed an internal update, revealing three new promos of Espeon V (SWSH201), Sylveon V (SWSH202), and Umbreon V (SWSH203). They are reprints from Evolving Skies, but feature alternate artwork that hasn’t been seen in Japan yet.

Earlier today the official Pokemon website also listed the three promos on its promo legality page. This indicates they will release soon.

Pokemon is releasing three “V Heroes Tins” on April 22nd. They were revealed a few weeks ago. As many pointed out, it’s odd they feature exact reprints from Evolving Skies.

It seems likely the alternate art promos will be featured in the tins instead of the direct reprints shown in the product images. TPCi has not released “placeholder” product images in many years, but in the old days, it was common for their product images to use placeholder promos and booster packs that didn’t match the final product.

The three cards haven’t been revealed in Japan yet, so maybe that’s why they decided to use placeholder card images — as to not usurp the eventual Japanese reveals.

We’ll find out what’s going on soon, so stay tuned!