VMAX Pokemon Are Returning to Sets: Heatran VMAX Revealed!

The VMAX mechanic will be returning to Japan’s Time Gazer and Space Juggler sets! Pokemon Taiwan has just teased a new Heatran VMAX and Wyrdeer V. They will be fully revealed tonight.

Most fans, including us, thought Creatures decided to retire the VMAX mechanic. No VMAX Pokemon appeared in January’s Star Birth or February’s Battle Region. After all, the new block introduced the VSTAR mechanic. December’s VMAX Climax was the last set to feature VMAX Pokemon, and the name also seemed to imply they had reached their peak. At best, we thought they would only make guest appearances here and there.

However, we recently learned Japan will be releasing new decks for Deoxys and Zeraora featuring the two Pokemon as Pokemon V, VSTAR, and VMAX cards. The decks will release in July. Combined with the fact Heatran VMAX is now in April’s Time Gazer and Space Juggler, it appears VMAX Pokemon were only taking a break!

Perhaps this means we’ll eventually get VMAX cards of Hatterene, Machamp, Melmetal, and Appletun? All four Pokemon have special Gigantamax forms that haven’t debuted in the TCG yet. (Though technically Gigantamax Appletun and Flapple have the exact same appearances.)

We will update this story later tonight when the cards are fully revealed, so be sure to check back!

Update: The cards have been revealed!