Promo Cards Featuring Katy Perry and Other Artists Will NOT Release!

Last month, Pokemon revealed promo cards of Katy Perry V, J Balvin V, and Post Malone V. At the time we speculated the cards might be fun mock-ups because their fonts and the placement of certain elements were off, which is unusual for official releases.

Earlier today we received word the cards will not release to the public. But real copies of the cards were given to each artist as a special thank-you gift.

Pokemon issued the following statement: “This special Pokemon TCG card is for promotional use only. Katy Perry was gifted with a printed version of this card as a special thank-you for her collaboration and contribution to the [P25] program. Currently, there are no plants to print this card for consumer use or purchase.” Post Malone and J Balvin also received their own copies.

J Balvin posted a photo of his actual card to his Instagram last month, which is how we first learned these cards existed.

It seems each artist only received one copy. This means these should be the rarest Pokemon cards in the world. However, it’s all up to personal interpretation since they aren’t technically official “releases.” But they are similar in vein to the unreleased Ishihara-GX card, which some fans still value and will pay a premium for. In this case, though, it’s doubtful the cards will ever leave the hands of the artists.