Katy Perry V, Post Malone V, and J Balvin V Pokemon Cards Officially Revealed!

Earlier today Pokemon’s Instagram revealed J Balvin V — and now we have images of Katy Perry V and Post Malone V!

They were actually revealed earlier today on the official P25 music website — which I linked to in our original article but for some reason didn’t see. The website only shows cards for those three artists. However, it doesn’t state any information about the cards themselves.

We’re not sure if these cards are fun mockups or if they’ll be released to the public as real cards. The fonts and placement of the card numbers are a bit off, which is unusual for official releases.

As you’ll notice, the card numbers have odd numbering. This is because they’re actually each artist’s birthday. Katy Perry V is card #010/025 because her birthday is October 25th, Post Malone V is #007/004 because his birthday is July 4th, and J Balvin V is #005/007 because his birthday is May 7th.

The cards are drawn by famous Japanese Pokemon TCG artists. Yuu Nishida has drawn Katy Perry and her Pikachu, Naoki Saito has drawn Post Malone and his Butterfree, and nagimiso has drawn J Balvin and his Charizard. If these are just fun mockups, they’re quite elaborate!

As posted earlier, J Balvin posted a physical copy of his card to his Instagram. So it seems the artists have received a real copy for themselves. Whether or not these will be released to the public remains to be seen, so stay tuned!