English Versions of Mew VMAX, Dragapult, and More from ‘Fusion Strike!’

Pokemon.com has revealed the first English cards from Fusion Strike!

The set will release on November 12th. We posted all of its product images back in August.

Fusion Strike is based on Japan’s Fusion Arts, which was released on September 24th. We covered its secret rares here.

Mew VMAX is the kind of powerhouse Pokémon that makes opponents tremble when it comes into play. Its Cross Fusion Strike attack leverages the strength of your entire team by allowing you to choose one of your Benched Fusion Strike Pokémon’s attacks and use it. This is an especially useful tool given that Mew boasts an ample 310 HP, so you could make use of another Pokémon with a powerful attack without putting it in harm’s way, as Mew VMAX remains the Active Pokémon. The fact that it only requires 2 Colorless Energy to power is even better. Mew’s second attack—Max Miracle—requires 2 Psychic Energy to utilize and does 130 damage; plus, it ignores any effects applied to its target. This card’s incredible combination of power and opportunities to take advantage of clever gameplay mechanics has lots of potential.

Continuing the theme of Pokémon that derive power from the overall strength of your deck, Boltund VMAX can unleash a fierce attack that does additional damage for each Lightning Energy attached to your Pokémon: Bolt Storm requires 1 Lightning Energy and 1 Colorless Energy to deliver and does 30 damage, but it does an additional 30 damage for each Lightning Energy attached to all of your Pokémon! Then there’s the appropriately named Max Bolt that does an incredible 230 damage—an amount likely to Knock Out any Pokémon that’s not a Pokémon VMAX. And with 320 HP, Boltund VMAX can withstand huge attacks from your opponent, bringing a powerful charge to any deck that leverages it.

While Huntail might not be as bulky as the previously mentioned Pokémon VMAX, this Fusion Strike Pokémon does boast a pretty cool Ability in Single Strike Jammer. With it, your opponent’s Single Strike Pokémon’s attacks cost 1 additional Energy—in a game that largely hinges on players acquiring and allocating the necessary Energy to fire off attacks, Huntail’s Ability will undeniably come in handy.

Gorebyss is another Fusion Strike Pokémon with a useful Ability that also evolves from Clamperl. With Gorebyss’s Rapid Strike Canceler, your opponent’s Rapid Strike Pokémon that are in play no longer have Abilities. Given that this new expansion features Pokémon with clever Abilities that you can build an entire strategy around, Gorebyss has the potential to wreck the opposition, striking a powerful blow against even the most thoughtful of strategies.

Like other Fusion Strike Pokémon, Dragapult plays off the strength of your entire team—more specifically, its Fusion Strike Assault does, costing only 1 Psychic Energy to wield and delivering 30 damage plus an additional 30 damage for each of your Fusion Strike Pokémon in play. It’s becoming clear that Fusion Strike Pokémon, with their unique Abilities and attacks, are powerfully bolstered by having a Bench and deck full of more Fusion Strike Pokémon. Dragapult’s Speed Attack does 120 damage and costs 1 Psychic Energy and 1 Colorless Energy, making it relatively easy to power up both the Pokémon’s attacks.