Pokemon Officially Reveals Professor Oak Card and Imposter Professor Oak from ‘Celebrations!’

Pokemon has officially revealed Professor's Research (Professor Oak) from Japan’s 25th Anniversary Collection, which will become our Celebrations set in October.

Update: A reprint of Imposter Professor Oak from Base Set has also been revealed!

For a regular Supporter card, Oak’s artwork breaks convention by having his arm reach into the card template. He seems to be writing research notes. The card will be holo, like all cards in the Japanese set.

Imposter Professor Oak features both holofoil and a card texture. We already knew the reprinted cards would have both.

You may have already seen Oak’s card on social media. As with Shining Fates, there have been a few leaks of Celebrations cards due to theft from Pokemon’s printing factories. While some leaks are fair game, we do not cover leaks that are obtained through criminal activity. Furthermore, we’ve been told official action is underway against those involved.

But don’t believe all the cards you see on social media — many are Photoshop jobs.

Japan’s Pokemon Center website has also opened its lottery applications for the set.