Sandaconda Promo Giveaway at Gamestop!

We’ve received word Gamestop will be giving out Sandaconda TCG promos starting June 18th! This is the same day Chilling Reign releases. You can get the promo with a purchase of $15 in Pokemon TCG merchandise.

We don’t know which Sandaconda will be given out yet. It may be the most recent one from Battle Styles. It should be a cosmic holofoil version with a Gamestop stamp, like the last Flapple promo.

The promo will also come to EB Games in Canada.

This is yet another Gigantamax-capable Pokemon of receiving a promo card at Gamestop. Before Flapple we had Copperajah and Centiskorch.

We’ll have photos of the card pretty soon, so stay tuned!