Gamestop Flapple Promo is Holo, No Gigantamax Event

The Gamestop Flapple promotion starts tomorrow!

A Gamestop manager has sent us a photo of the card confirming it’s holo! It’s printed on galaxy holofoil, which makes it unique from the original Rebel Clash holofoil. The Gamestop stamp is black text — it’s not foil or embossed.

Each Gamestop store will receive about 50 copies. You can get one when purchasing $15 in Pokemon TCG merchandise.

If a store doesn’t have Pokemon merchandise, the manager will decide how the promos are distributed. Some stores have been instructed to give the cards to kids or to delay the promotion until more Pokemon merchandise arrives. It will depend on your location.

Stores have not received any documentation about a Gigantamax Flapple event. Managers are always informed several days in advance of any video game events. It’s possible one may have been planned at the time these cards were printed, but was later cancelled due to Covid or other issues.