Non-Promo Centiskorch Promo at Gamestop!

I’ve been debating if I should turn this into a news story.

Starting today, those who purchase $15 of Pokemon TCG merchandise at Gamestop stories will receive a Centiskorch “promo” card. Except the Centiskorch is an exact print from Sword & Shield. It’s not holo or anything special, despite the claim in the advertisement.

The promotion will last through October 8th.

Perhaps the giveaway was originally intended to promote a Gigantamax Centiskorch event at Gamestop. If so, the card would have had the purpose of exposing video game fans to the TCG. Or maybe it’s just intended as a fun gift for casual fans, like kids, who might appreciate receiving a free Pokemon card. Though that still doesn’t explain why they’re saying it’s a special promo card. It should have been holo!