Bide Barricade — Wobbuffet Can Dominate in Expanded

Hello everyone! My last article was about Control in Standard, and today’s is going to be about Control in Expanded. Or more accurately — Quad Wobbuffet stall. Every once in a while, Quad Wobbuffet finds a niche metagame where it can shine. The current Expanded format, especially on the PTCGO ladder, is extremely vulnerable to Wobbuffet. Quad Wobbuffet has incredible matchups in the current Expanded format, and it punishes the PTCGO ladder meta particularly hard.

Since I don’t have Tropical Beach online, I’ve been going without, and I’m sure some of you will be pleased to hear that the deck doesn’t need Tropical Beach to work. That said, running Tropical Beach is optimal, though it isn’t completely necessary to play the deck and rack up wins. I’ll be sharing the lists with and without Tropical Beach; they’re almost identical anyway.

For some reason, I find this deck extremely fun to play. Maybe it’s because I enjoy winning more than anything else, and that’s what this deck does — it wins. If there were Expanded Regionals taking place right now, I would definitely play this deck (and there’s still some online tournaments for Expanded). Anyway, let’s get into it.

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