’25th Anniversary Collection’ and ‘Fusion Arts’ Pokemon TCG Sets Announced for Japan!

Update (11:30 AM): The full sell sheets have now been released, revealing more information!

A 25th Anniversary Collection mini-set will release in Japan on October 22nd! It will be Japan’s S8a set.

It will feature 28 cards (before secret rares). All of the cards will be holo.

The set will celebrate 25 years of Pokemon TCG history. It will feature iconic Pokemon from the first set of each generation, such as Pikachu, Dialga, Palkia, Zacian, and Zamazenta.

Each card will feature “conceptual artwork” of the Pokemon exemplifying the “atmosphere” or “aesthetic” of its era. For example, this could mean using characters or elements from its generation, emulating the real world art style of the time, or similar. These sell sheets are always vague to generate speculation.

If you purchase four booster packs of the set, you’ll receive a 1-card promo booster pack. It will feature “cards from the past.” The cards in this pack will not be legal for Standard tournament play, which probably means they are reprints of old cards (such as the Starter Pokemon we’re getting in our First Partner Packs, which are illegal jumbo cards). These promo packs will also be included within other products.

Each of the set’s booster pack will contain five cards like usual, but they will cost 297 yen, which is 100 yen more than regular sets. This is to account for the holo cards. Each booster box will contain 16 booster packs instead of the typical 30.

As I posted before, the products for our English 25th anniversary set will include 4-card mini booster packs. It now seems this is the case because the Japanese set will be smaller than usual.

But that’s not the only news!

September 24th will see the release of an S8 Fusion Arts set!

As with “Single Strike” and “Rapid Strike,” the set will introduce a third Battle Style called “Fusion.”

Mew VMAX will be the star of the set and will exemplify the new Fusion style.

It’ll feature 100 cards before secret rares. This should be the first V-UNION set.

The set will see the release of card sleeves and a deck box featuring Dynamax Mew. Pikachu products will also release alongside the set.

We first discovered the Fusion Arts trademark in January. The only other trademarks that haven’t been revealed yet are VSTAR and VMAX Climax.

Thanks goes to Bangiras and Franco T. for the translations!